Our Salons

Baroque is about opulence and glamour and a visit to a salon should be a treat for all the senses… 

Both salons are very different architecturally and have been styled to reflect this.

Our Harrogate salon is all about opulence and glamour with striking oversized murals, antique mirrors and panelled walls. It has an unmistakeable air of luxury. A visit to the salon should be a treat for all the senses.

Our Ripon salon has a more industrial feel and is light and airy with imposing, ornate stations cleverly placed allowing enough privacy but also giving a feeling of space and luxury. 



Harrogate Salon


Baroque Hair
4 Kings Road
Harrogate. HG1 1BT
Tel: 01423 851400
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Ripon Salon


Baroque Hair
22-23 North Street
Ripon, HG4 1JY
Tel: 01765 647177
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