About Baroque

If you ever meet Terry and Tom you’ll know why the combination works… when they met nearly 20 years ago, the idea of owning a salon together wasn’t even a thought. Embarking on ambitious renovations together in the early days, they made a formidable team. With Tom’s career in hairdressing gaining momentum, the idea of owning a salon together seemed like an exciting, next step.
With Tom’s experience in the industry and Terry’s ability to turn his hand to anything, they set about creating the Baroque brand. It was an ambitious idea but great vision, a strong team and amazingly supportive guests, some of whom have been with Tom since the start, are all key to Baroque’s success.
As Tom says; “Without all of these elements in balance, we wouldn’t be where we are today and for that we are truly grateful”

The Team


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Our Salons


Harrogate Salon


Baroque Hair
4 Kings Road
Harrogate. HG1 1BT
Tel: 01423 851400
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Ripon Salon


Baroque Hair
22-23 North Street
Ripon, HG4 1JY
Tel: 01765 647177
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