Price List

A Cut & Colour at Baroque

Starts from just £75


Cutting Services

Ladies Cut & Finish

Art DirectorS £72 – £82
Style DirectorS £60 – £67
Creative Stylist £55
Stylist £50
Graduate £35

Restyle & 1 Hour Appointment

Art Directors £85 – £100
Style Directors £75 – £80
Creative Stylist £70
Stylist £60

Gents Cut & Finish

Art Directors £50
Style Directors £50
Creative Stylist £40
Stylist £40

Cleanse & Finish (After Colour)

Art Directors £45 – £50
Style Directors £40 – £45
Creative Stylist £35
Stylist £30
Graduate £25

Colouring Services

Full Head Highlights

Art Directors £115 – £129
Style Directors  £100 – £105
Creative Stylist £95
Stylist £90

Half Head Highlights

Art Directors £90 – £97
Style Directors £80 – £85
Creative Stylist £75
Stylist £70


A French word meaning to sweep or to paint. A freehand hair colouring technique that gives a really blended natural look with no harsh or obvious regrowth lines,
Prices starting from £85


Full Tint

A Full Head Tint
This is also the perfect service for anyone with excessive regrowth.
Art Directors £75 – £80
Style Director £65 – £70
Creative Stylist £60
Stylist £55

Regrowth Tint

Art Directors £65 – £70
Style Directors £55 – £60
Creative Stylist £50
Stylist £45
Graduate £40

Upgrade Services and Packages

These Fixed Price hair packages are the Ultimate Hair Packages to either treat yourself or treat others
This is a fab opton to purchase as a gift, or for anyone who wants to simply ‘leave it to the stylist’ without incurring any additional costs on the day.


A Half Head Foil Package with a Cut and Finish this is the package to choose if you are desiring a Balayage, refreshing your Half Head of Highlights, or simply require a few Scattered Foils. The extended service time will give you time for a thorough consultation and you will receive an OLAPLEX treatment and a KERASTASE FUSIO DOSE or should you prefer a more natural range, then we would suggest a KEVIN.MURPHY RESTORE treatment. They will all lock in your colour and.included in the price are your toners to seamlessly blend and create the look you desire Absolultely Fabulous!

A Bonding treatment is added to all colour packages-  this will open the cuticles to accept the colour.RRP £22
A Toner is added to each foil package to allow correct bonding between virgin and processed hair.RRP £20
Finally a Fusio-Dose or a KM Restore is used to close the cuticles and lock in the colour.RRP £20
All the above treatments allow us to give your hair the best treatment we can, allowing the colour to lock in and last, whilst protecting your hair
The total value of these services are £62 and are included in the colour package price, giving an overall  saving of £20

Ladies Cut and Finish Package is based on our existing 1hr Re Style appointment.This package is for those guests who require a hair ‘make over‘ you will recive a strong technical cut and included is a luxury treatment that will bring your hair back to its optimum health and add vital nutrients. Please bring along your mood board or images of your desired look!

Foil Package

Any foiling technique, Balayage, Scattered Foils up to a Classic Half Head, Bonding Agent (Typically Olaplex) a Fusiodose Treatment, plus a Toner. 
Complimenting a 1hr Cutting Service.

Art Directors £210

Style Directors £200
Creative Stylist £190
Stylist £170

Ladies Cut Package

1 Hr Technical Cutting Service including bespoke Hair Treament

Art Director £95 – £110
Style Directors £85 – £90
Creative Stylist £80
Stylist £70
Graduate £50

Scattered Foils

A maximum of 6 packets of bleach foils, which when added to a full colour can add that little extra lift and break a block colour.


Gents Grey Blending

Applied at the backwash, this is a toner added to the roots and blended through to give a very natural and subtle blending of any grey areas, depending on hair type this should last between four weekly services


Glossing Toner

A glossing toner applied over coloured hair, is effectivey a transparent semi-permanent colour, which adds a deep lustre to your hair colour and gives your hair and amazing smooth finish.
A glossing toner adds that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your look


Olaplex is designed to protect the bonds deep within the hair & strengthen them during technical processes, such as lightening and colouring, resulting in hair that is stronger, feels  softer, and looks shinier.


Your hair, like you, deserves to be pampered. We moisturize our skin daily yet neglect our hair. An enriching Kevin.Murphy or Kerastase treatement is an intense treatment which will feed the hair giving a nourished healthy look, the head massage alone is worth the £15 charge!   Go on treat yourself!

Luxury Oribe Treatment

A luxury treatment that is the ultimate treat for you and your hair. Your hair is bathed in a rich and nourishing conditioner, followed by a hair mask which is left on the hair to absorb into the hair cuticles. It seals the hair giving a very deep protection to to hair surface. It is followed by a head massage which will take you to another level…A perfect gift for you, or possibly combine it with a cleanse and finish, as the pefrect gift for a friend..

Hair Extensions

We have a specialist team of stylists who can give you a detailed consultation and suggest how extensions would deliver the look you desire. Baroque uses ‘Great Lengths’ extensions which are all natural hair and can be coloured to blend perfectly into your own hair.
Price on application



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